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    A helpful site for students of all ages with locating and purchasing necessary items such as books, electronics, full or part time employment, apartments, rooms for rent, apparel, and other necessary items. This site will serve all U.S. students but is primarily intended for students located in Utah, United States.

    Business Model information:
    1. Initially will be provided at no charge. However, in the future, depending on the success of studentexch app, there may be potential to offer paid features through the app.
    2. Currently, members will not be able to access any paid features.
    3. At this time, there are no previously purchased features through the app. This is an area that can be determined at a future date, when necessary.
    4. The entire studentexch app is to be launched on a free membership basis, indefinitely.
    5. Users may obtain an account by signing up. No fee is required at this time.

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